WATCH: The Whendays — “Untru Love II”

November 2, 2011


Nothing like Swedish pop from Stockholm to capture the beauty that is sympathetic insecurity (c’mon, you know yours is hiding somewhere). There’s moments of splendid r&b here from The Whendays, one moment pausing the slowed downbeat to capture the spoken sentiment, “Yo, I wanna ask you somethin. [whispers] Do you love me?” Somehow (magically) “Untru Love II” doesn’t come off grotesque. There’s a 90’s hint of boy band NewKids (fuck, the genre should just be labeled NewKids (CALLED IT, PITCHFORK!)) sound hindering all over the track, but I think since it’s from Scandinavia, the fact of benevolence seems quirky, almost cute. Watch the self-shot/directed video below:

The Whendays “Untru Love II” (Official Video) from The Whendays on Vimeo.

The self-titled EP will be available digitally (and stream) via Cascine on November 15th, and their single “Untru Love II” can be downloaded for free through Soundcloud.


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  1. STREAM: The Whendays — EP « Phiendly - November 11, 2011

    […] Last week, with their self-shot/directed video for “Untru Love II,” I officially branded Stockholm’s The Whendays an official NewKids sound, where the drums flicker like a gunshot in a bathroom, and the vocals are so sincere you’d think each song would be karaoke’d into the eyes of that special, certain someone. Now today, their debut EP can be streamed via Cascine‘s soundcloud below. Each track sounds like a complex ideology of simplistic pop, chilled synths, and those sincere lyrics that swoon. […]

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