STREAM: Minutes — Self-Titled LP

November 15, 2011

Made In Michigan, mp3 & stream

Kalamazoo's own Minutes really clockin with their Self-Titled LP

It was almost four years ago, and I was drunk seeing Kalamazoo’s Minutes to play at an artists space in Kalamazoo. I really can’t remember where, since I was drunk, holding a Dasani water bottle full of Castillo spiced rum and a splash of Coke for seasoning. Yes, I was underage.

Earlier, our crew had been pregaming before the show at my house on Axtell St, smashing cans with a wiffle ball bat, smoking weed. When it was time to go we all smudged in to a roommate’s car and sloshed our way to the show. We stepped out of the car, and my roommate (I’ll leave his name out of it, but for now let’s call him BEN DAVEY) starts puking up Checkers and rum & cokes all over the parking lot. “Fuck. Ben’s puking,” my other, burly roommate (DAN CLIMIE) said, jumping out of the way of the ralph. [The sounds of vomit hitting pavement] “I’m fine,” Ben said, wiping his mouth, sniffing his nose, and passed out in the backseat immediately.

So, the four or five of us step into the venue. We’re late. It’s late. And we pass around the Dasani bottle while Minutes is setting up. My legs are caving in on another. My knees are entwined, practically holding me up. Okay, so I can’t move, I thought, where’s the water bottle? And then a crash of noise, feedback, and Minutes roars.

Minutes making my head spin. That's me, third from the left (1st row), checkered button-up, crossing my arms to keep myself balanced.

My eardrums rush with blood. There’s no stopping it. But, obviously, they don’t bleed, but the jarring, sheer noise of Minutes distortion, the speed & precision of the drumming, the blurring whirl of bass that succumbs the space where I’m standing. And that’s all I can do, is stand, watching what looks like my older cousins, or even uncles crashing, rocking out harder than anyone in the city. And shit, if I could’ve danced I would. Now, I’ve seen Minutes maybe a half-dozen to a dozen more times, and still I can’t help but to reel my mind back to that day.

STREAM: Minutes — Self-Titled LP:

“You can get the digital album now, but if you’d like a physical copy of the record along with your download, 300 are being pressed on black vinyl along with a full color, front and back sleeve with a full color, 2-sided insert. The official release date is January 13th, 2012. All pre-orders will be shipped no later than January 15th. Limited to 100 pre-orders. Physical merchandise photos to come…” From their bandcamp.

PS – Ben passed out in the back seat for the remainder of the show, but I think we all puked at some point in the night afterward.



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