Phiend #1: Stay+

December 6, 2011


Each week, here at Phiendly we’ll introduce an artist we’ve just been introduced to as well. Friends should be friends, y’know . . .

Formerly known as Christian AIDS, Stay+ is sort of like a constant art instillation. Merging musical production, visual art, and digital imaging, this mysterious Brit even tries to be as elusive as possible. His website ends in .cx. After a wikipedia search I found that it’s a domain from the Christmas Island Internet Association (because yes there is one), but all that’s really important about Stay+ is the music he creates. And create he does. On his facebook, Stay+ describes himself as “Fictional Dance.” Okay? So, first there was Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) from the likes of Clark and Aphex Twin, but deeming yourself as Fictional Dance relies on the act of creating an act within itself. I’m going to dance to this, okay? but I know I shouldn’t be, right? Or, The beats are so sluiced I’m just gonna go all out, all right, and see how many hands aren’t moving to the beat and my legs are just kind of twisting awkwardly? It’s fun, try it [they both close their eyes].

From the beginning, by going to the Stay+ homepage, the viewer is introduced to a world that sounds like what hearing an alien invasion could be. Like a mysterious doom, Stay+ automatically pushes one into the world he wishes to believe in. Here’s what plays once viewing the page.

It’s hard not to identify with the supernatural or the unobservable, and Stay+ can’t really be denied with the power of transformational. Listen to November 2011’s catchy track featuring fuzz-vocals and a semi-minimalistic production on “Stay Positive.”

The most recent example of Stay+’s intriguing demeanor to the face of the ever-changing electronic production age features London’s Psychologist on “Dandelion.” The track, with looming echoes of synth, sounds like a early morning. But, when the crash of the highly percussional beat exceeds, it begins to feel like a late night on the verge of something even bigger than just an ordinary day.

We’ll be keeping our eyes & ears open for more sounds from Stay+ as the examples keep coming. Until then…

Check out bandcamp or soundcloud for more tunes or watch some of the Stay+ videos on youtube.


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