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PHIEND: Terry Malts — Killing Time [Slumberland Records]

February 28, 2012

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Posted by Matt Hodges

Terry Malts — “Nauseous” mp3

I was trying to find a suitable bench to nap on when I stumbled across a bum getting fellated in Buena Vista Park. His eyes were rolled back in his head, and his neck was arched back like a man smelling something delicious in a Crock-pot. He was old and lying under a pile of coats which were bobbing rhythmically in concert with the wolfish sound of muffled slurping. That and the price of coffee are the lingering memories I have of San Francisco . . . but cot’damn they sure are producing some great garage rock lately! Thee Oh Sees’ Carrion Crawler/The Dream and Ty Segall’s Goodbye Bread were both absolute triumphs.

And now courtesy of Slumberland Records, we have a new trio of San Franciscan sons, Terry Malts. The album is Killing Time—fourteen tracks, all urging and insistent. They call it Chainsaw pop. Which means what? Sugar-punk with sharp melodies and lots of “bop ba bas” and “ooh ooh oohs”—fuzz and nonchalance. Think the Ramones, think the Buzzcocks. Every song but “No Big Deal” reminds me of riding in a van full of handsome teenagers.

Listen: Terry Malts — “Something About You” 

Do you feel young and exfoliated? Let’s get fucked up on cheap booze and candy.

Life’s lessons are simple here, and without ambiguity. There’s no room in any one song for two conflicting emotions. But that’s fine, who the hell cares? This album won me over in the end with its energy and innocent charm. I mean, who can’t relate to “Where Is The Weekend?” Who doesn’t want to hear that kind of song once in a while? “Where Is The Weekend” songs have been around forever, and for good reason. What a breath of fresh air that kind of concern is in a news cycle dominated by Rick Santorum, Iranian nuclear capability, and the rampant spread of Chlamydia among South Australian Koalas.

Where is the weekend . . . I don’t know how to answer that. But wherever it is, there’s none of the anxiety or calamity of our age, just a timeless adolescent tableau where renowned teenagers die young or move away.

This is a great album to drink Steel Reserve to on a sunny afternoon, in a deck chair, trying to master lighting matches with one hand.

Matt Hodges is a fox-hole christian and sexual libertarian. He is 23, and wants every song to sound like “Cinnamon Girl.” 
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Sleeping with “September in Summertime,” or Falling Somewhere in Ohio, Waking Up in Prague, Mercury Tennis Ball

February 24, 2012


Posted by Aaron Geer

AyGeeTee — “September in Summertime”

Don’t even ask how weird my dreams were when I fell asleep to London soundmachine/producer AyGeeTee. I felt like I was riding on the Millennium Force at Cedar Point with gauze in my mouth and snowboard goggles on. I saw Lake Erie on fire. I fell through the metal beams of the roller coaster. I noticed a glimmer of sunlight shining upwards through the cracks of the sidewalk where minions of little boys carried balloons and bugged the shit out of their parents, who applied sunscreen to their shoulder blades that rank of fur and pepto bismal. My teeth latched to my gums from the wind, warm like an oven, soft like a cardboard box in a rainstorm.

See you don’t have to ask because I will tell you. 

Once I hit the concrete, or when I thought I’d hit the concrete, I recognized this man I’d met in a park in Prague – during that one month stay last July for a writer’s program – who had asked me for a cigarette while I was reading on a bench outside. In Prague, all city workers who clean the sidewalks and pick up trash on the streets wear what looks like uniforms suited for the people at airports who move the luggage around from terminal to terminal, in little white and orange overalls. His face was ragged, like an unkempt skunk in a French cartoon, and as he sat next to me I envisioned this man browsing through my luggage, thrown around my tiny little dorm room – where bugs would fester in the night when I was trying to write because they’d see the light on and swarm to some warmth because in the Czech Republic they either don’t believe in the purpose of screens on windows or they have a rising botanical industry for carnivorous vegetation (honestly, so many plants that attract bugs, everywhere) – and he’d simply smell them, my clothes escaping my luggage.

Is this the ghost of Hubert Selby, Jr.? I thought the man looked familiar, like a former spokesperson for an insurance company, or a relief pitcher for the Tigers during the 90s, the real bad years, the dark ages. Just as dark as the sidewalk that was approaching me falling from the Millennium Force, oblong, undesirable.

I have a tendency to wake up from my dreams right before I hit whatever I’m supposed to hit. I can recall one consistency of dreamlike paralysis where I’d be playing tennis, returning a serve that just hit the line, and right as I hit the ball as smoothly as I can, to the other side of the court, sharp with topspin, my left leg off the ground to let my body do what my body is supposed to do in terms of recognizing its own physical abilities. But, and I can still feel this feeling, right when the tennis ball, as lime green as the man’s overalls in Prague, hits my racket, it drops, as if filled with lead, mercury.

AyGeeTee’s “September in Summertime” floats somewhere between the surreal and the carnival, where nothing is more real than your own dreams. I feel like there’s so much going on in the 7 1/2 minutes of looped layers, ridden with noise like an ether, that there should be more. So much more. Please give us more. We need more. And I’m thinking this as the track is doing everything that it’s supposed to be doing. And when it ends, I feel like there was everything there, like the first time I stepped off the Millennium Force I had tears running down my face from the wind, something of a smile splattered on my chapped lips.

Aaron Geer is the founding editor of Phiendly. Half the time he doesn’t know what he’s talking about…
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Newest From Spiritualized, Album Cover is Weird

February 24, 2012


Posted by Aaron Geer

Spiritualized — “Hey Jane” 


Huh? This is the cover for Spiritualized newest LP, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, and “Hey Jane” is the first track off the album due out April 17 in the US via Fat Possum and the day before on Double Six.

Are we supposed to see the overarching Velvet Underground references or is J. Spaceman smoking too much bud?

Either way, the track gives us a good glimpse into what White Light/White Light, shit I mean Sweet Heart Sweet Light has to offer, and just like the best of what Spiritualized does, “Hey Jane” seems to have a part one, part two vibe.

Aaron Geer is the founding editor of Phiendly. He remembers as a child this one time, oh you should’ve been there….
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Casiokids — “Golden Years” (Pinemarten Remix)

February 23, 2012


Posted by Aaron Geer

We already know what Derbyshire’s Pinemarten can do with a synth, and his techniques are splayed graciously throughout the remix of “Golden Years” from Casiokids. There’s a Eurodisco feel to this track, as if it’d be thrown in Trainspotting, or some other Danny Boyle film. With that being said, take a listen below.

Casiokids — “Golden Years” (Pinemarten Remix)


A slew of songs can be heard from Pinemarten on bandcamp. And here’s the original for “Golden Years.”


Aaron Geer is the founding editor of Phiendly. He’ll be in university for three more months, and then he has no clue what he’ll be doing afterwards. 
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VIDEO: Hodgy, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, The Creator — “Rella”

February 22, 2012


Tracklist for OFWGKTA’s The OF Tape Vol. 2 (out March 20 via Odd Future Records)

01 Hi.
02 Bitches [ft. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats]
03 NY (Ned Flander) [ft. Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator]
04 Ya Know [ft. the Internet]
05 Forest Green [ft. Mike G]
06 Lean [ft. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis]
07 Analog 2 [ft. Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Syd tha Kyd]
08 50 [ft. MellowHype]
09 Snow White [ft. Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean]
10 Rella [ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, the Creator]
11 Real Bitch [ft. MellowHype and Taco]
12 P [ft. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator]
13 White [ft. Frank Ocean]
14 Hcapd [ft. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator]
15 Sam (Is Dead) [ft. Domo Genesis and Tyler, the Creator]
16 Doms [ft. Domo Genesis]
17 We Got Bitches [ft. Tyler, the Creator, Taco, and Jasper Dolphin]
18 Oldie [ft. Odd Future]


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