[Flop Culture] Charli XCX — “I’ll Never Know” mp3

February 20, 2012

Flop Culture

Hi. I'm 19, and LOVING IT

This may be the best/worst thing I’ve heard in a while. With a title such as Charli XCX, I’m not quite sure if you can go uphill or downhill from the get-go. And then I go to her website and then I realize I’m at rock bottom, but, and to quote one of the greatest business men in the 21st century, Jack Donaghy, you can always go below rock bottom: into the crevasse.

Apparently she’s some sort of goth underground pop chick from Britain, but from the sounds of “I’ll Never Know” she makes Avril Lavigne look like a murderous Norwegian black metal band. With a tropical jingle that reminds me of a bad alarm on the first cell-phone I ever had and a synthetic drum loop, I’m not even quite sure if I can surmise to question what the lyrics are. Because When I think of you my fingers are quicksand / I want to hold you close / I’ll never know. Had to share those.

Charli XCX — “I’ll Never Know” mp3:
(God, I’m really taking myself down some avenues I never would’ve thought I’d take)

Here’s the official music video for Charli XCX’s “Nuclear Seasons,” where the psychedelic illusion of editing skills ends up being an epileptic mess, and there’s one instance where it sounds exactly like No Doubt’s “It’s My Life.”

I’m not quite sure what to say. I think I might’ve indulged myself too much on this, sort of like that bender of Britney* Spears I did over the summer [shakes head uncontrollably and passes out]. Oh man, Katy Perry just came on TheCoolTV (one of the four channels I have), I’m gonna go throw myself into a murderous pit of acidic larvae.


[UPDATE: Originally spelled it Brittany Spears because I live in the real world and don’t give a shit]

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