PHIEND: Be My Friend in Exile — How Do You Love?

March 21, 2012

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Posted by Aaron Geer

London’s Miguel Gomes describes his latest project – Be My Friend in Exile – as “an amalgamation of maudlin memories combining archived personal audio journals, field recordings, solemn guitar pickings, loops and sounds.” How Do You Love?, a transient five tracks of underwater ambiance, is something you’d recognize from a Brian Eno record: some haunt, some bliss, some distance, some nearing, and a lot of sound to get yourself lost into.

On “Ludus,” Gomes creates a scene of lash, like a harrowing shadow that incessantly follows you home from work, like a stranger around the corner. Spanning less than three minutes, the track is unstoppable, meaning: after it’s done it’s hard not to go back to it and listen to three or four more times.

The one main problem of ambient/drone music is the ability for the listener to get bored, to say okay, so what, what now? But How Do You Love? keeps the listener intrigued, involved, and asking not less, but more.

On “Pragma,” the final and longest track, Be My Friend in Exile is simply creating atmosphere. What a world to live while putting yourself in a story while reading a book. What a sound to feel when walking home while the sun dwindles. What an energy to behold when you realize you and How Do You Love? are one and the same.

Stream and download Be My Friend in Exile’s How Do You Love? for free below:

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One Comment on “PHIEND: Be My Friend in Exile — How Do You Love?”

  1. Julia Dewhirst Says:

    This is a fantastic album from Gomes and released by Somehow Recordings. We are happy to have him on board.


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