ghostandthesong — “A Non Amis En Paix (feat. David Ordur G’allegorie)” mp3

March 22, 2012

mp3 & stream, Video

Posted by Aaron Geer

Berlin’s ghostandthesong breaks down the border with it’s French neighbor and invites David Ordur G’allegorie to lay some vocals over the raging guitar and drums. There’s something so rich about the French language over “A Non Amis En Paix” (literally translating “To Our Friends In Peace”), and it’s not that it’s indecipherable from the English speaker, it’s how uniquely G’allegorie speaks his words so smoothly, like a poet, like an incarnation of Serge Gainsbourg.

Along with the mp3 (above), “A Non Amis En Paix” has a vibrantly authentic video, as well. With beautiful colors, amazing editing, and some crazy dancing, the video is pretty awesome. Watch it below:

ghostandthesong’s split with Chris Rehm, Uscharfe/Shimmer, is available for free via DZ Tapes here.

Aaron Geer is the Founding Editor of Phiendly. He was educated in the French Language off and on for six years but doesn’t really remember a thing, though he’ll say he does.
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