PHIEND: Airhead — “Wait”

March 22, 2012

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Posted by Aaron Geer

Let me first say that my nickname from second to fifth grade was “Airhead,” and that even my AIM screen name started with it (followed – of course – by the number on the back of my basketball jersey). I was called “Airhead” before I ever saw Airheads. And then it was my favorite movie.

I’ve long since put the nickname-game behind me (as well as the screen name and AIM), but now there’s a London producer by the same that is making me wish it never stopped. Airhead‘s “Wait,” the A-Side of the recently released debut-single on R&S Records is really something to behold. 

With sampled vocals, a r&b snatch-beat that one might label post-dub, and an effervescent simplicity to the modernized bedroom music, “Wait” is like a late-night meandering of reminiscing. Airhead fuels the track with eclectic emptiness, and fills the void with fuzzed-ridden noise.

STREAM: Airhead — “Wait”

Wait / South Congress is available now on R&S Reords.

Aaron Geer is the Founding Editor of Phiendly. In 8th grade his basketball coach called him “Geerhead.” He never played the game after that.
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