April 3, 2012


Manchester four-piece Money know a little thing about pushing the envelope in terms of blending music and film into one coalesced, aesthetically pleasing artistic venture. In 2010, out of nowhere, they created a true masterpiece with their first video, “Goodnight London.” Using black & white found-footage focusing on the oddities and obscure of booming Coney Island, Money tingles the spine with balladic piano that looms like an empty funeral. No Fear of Pop‘s Tonje Thilesen, who premiered the video for “SO LONG (GODISDEAD),” said “Goodnight London” was so hauntingly beautiful that it “put a tear in [her] eye.”

My second experience with Money was with the triumphant video for “The Sea.” Once again, using black & white found-footage of naval expeditionism, “The Sea” was heroic, yet melancholy seeped through everywhere, like watching a child jumping on a trampoline in slow-motion, knowing they’ll never be happier bouncing just a few feet high, eventually to a height they’ll one day stand. On “The Sea” we notice a glimmer of accompaniment for Jamie Lee’s wallowing piano and voice; cacophonous guitar and percussive attitude fade in and out like a tidal wave.

Now, with the video for “SO LONG (GODISDEAD),” Money have created one of the greatest allusions to cinematic allure than I’ve seen in some time (ever?). Not only is the track easily one of my newest favorites, the video is unbelievable. With unique editing, crazy vantage points, and thematic elements that range from self-inflicted injury, eroticism, “SO LONG (GODISDEAD)” feels like a transient moment of lambasted dawning of the coming age: where religious jargon separates the whoevers from the whatevers instead of adjoining them together. Jamie Lee croons, And I feel like the one it’s a call / the mind will save us all / so long, so long, so long / You could come down.

What’s so amazing about “SO LONG (GODISDEAD)” is Money’s use of full-blasted musicians. It’s marvelous, and they’re one of the most anticipated bands anywhere who have yet to release a full-length.

The 7″ for “SO LONG (GODISDEAD)” can be pre-ordered via the French label Almost Unique.

POSTED BY: Aaron Geer

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