Made In Michigan: Batcave — “arab legion ii” (WIDR Basement Show)

Posted by Aaron Geer

The other day someone I’m friends with on facebook posted something on the lines of A Nickelback song played on the radio while I was in the shower, pray for me!!!1! The first thought that came to my mind was aww and then why are you listening to a radio station that even has the chance of playing Nickelback?

In Kalamazoo there’s an independent, commercial-free radio station at the left of the dial. 89.1 WIDR FM is by far the greatest radio station in the state of Michigan, and I’m not saying that because I used to DJ there for nearly two years, it’s because it’s the only radio station where you can hear the newest, the oldest, and the weirdest music that’s never been played on commercial television or radio.

There’s one particular show that does amazing in-studio sessions. The Basement Show gives us Double Phelix‘s Batcave and their krautrock jam “arab legion ii” from WIDR Basement Show‘s show on April 23. Stream “arab legion ii” below and download the podcast of the whole show that includes A TON of other local tunes as well as the amazingly awesome Batcave session right HERE.

Keep a look out for Batcave.

STREAM: Batcave — “arab legion ii” (WIDR Basement Show)

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