VIDEO: Ty Beat & MC Friendly — “Elderly Spelling Bee” (feat. Matt Black)

May 16, 2012

Made In Michigan, Video

Posted by Aaron Geer

If you’re looking for Michigan produced hip-hop turn no further to Young Heavy Souls. Branded as a “digital music company/distributor” and founded through the eyes of one of our favorite acts of West Michigan, Matt Black, another MI rapper is slowly rising to prominence. MC Friendly, based in Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, has a distinct taste to his flow, and his producer Ty Beat, also of Grand Rapids, blends swirling electronic synths with drums that bite, bass that floats  between loose hiphop-nouveau and tight sampled rhythms.

Ty Beat & MC Friendly’s Blast Femur – off Young Heavy Souls – is six tracks of dense electronic hip-hop. MC Friendly is nearly flawless because of the high-quality production. Energy drips off each of his rhymes, and Ty Beat never pressures too far into over-marginalizing what’s really at play: the strength in MC Friendly’s writing.

So it makes sense for one of the best tracks off Blast Femur to be titled “Elderly Spelling Bee” (watch video below) because of the tenacity and importance that Friendly puts into each line, going as far as cougar hunting: Tell your dad to keep his eyes on his chick cause I’m a slick motherfucker. Featuring Kalamazoo’s Matt Black, the track is centered around organic instrumentation from Ty Beat and a vox-endcoded chorus that sort-of comes out of nowhere but I can’t imagine the track without it.

Download Blast Femur here

WATCH: Ty Beat & MC Friendly — “Elderly Spelling Bee” (feat. Matt Black)


Aaron Geer is the Founding Contributor to Phiendly. He recently graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.A. in English and wonders why he hasn’t been accepted into any graduate school programs. He then remembers that he forgot to apply.
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