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PHIEND: Purity Ring — “Fineshrine”

July 19, 2012


Let’s believe the body is a temple. Let’s think that the heart doesn’t just pump blood. Let’s imagine ourselves, for once, unlike anything else. Let’s put education in the ground. Let’s throw symbolism up in the air and hit it out of the park. Let’s put similarity in the same corner as our demons.

       Purity Ring‘s Megan James writes so poetically about love, you forget she’s singing her words over and over again. All in all, on the stand-out track from their soon-to-be-released LP, Shrines, “Fineshrines” (stream below) is as optimistic as it is depressing . . . but is there really a difference? The duo, Megan, 24, and Corrin, 21, make such lush music I wouldn’t be surprised to hear their loose lullabies (as their record label, 4AD, likes to put it) on dance floors with tweaks simply emanating any genre.

       “Fineshrine” (watch the video here) is the nascent night, and it’s only beginning. As Megan sooths “Get a little closer, let fold / Cut open your sternum and pull / my little ribs around you” there’s a beat that is thick, distant, yet anthemic. And when beauty is painted with a brush of idiosyncratic wit, there’s a metaphor that’s haunting: “That I might see with my chest and sink / Into the edges ’round you / Into the lakes and quarries that brink / On all the edges ’round you, ’round you.” What’s to wallow in a world of beauty? To Purity Ring, they’re living in it, and making music for the heart beat.

STREAM: Purity Ring — “Fineshrine”

Shrines is due out July 24 in Canada via Last Gang / 4AD.

-Aaron Geer

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FICTION MIXTAPE: “An Erosion” Pt. 1 to Meadowlands — “U8”

July 12, 2012


Fiction Mixtape, where reading and listening conjoin into one aesthetic. This three part series is written by Emma L. Rossen, a sheep herder and part-time writer from the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming. The music accompanying her words is “U8” from the album Music From Mainzer Straße by Brooklyn’s Meadowlands. 

Press play to begin. 

       You’re not approaching anything, but your driving doesn’t end. There’s a valley to the east, but nothing really to cherish. Once, when you were six, your cousin said she’d give you a hundred bucks to find a license plate for every state. She handed you a map of America and told you to color accordingly. On your way to Maine, you finally found an Alaskan plate in the window of an Astrovan, and the colors were completed. But you never got the money.

       In the distance, a ridge and the sky seem to coalesce into a single form. These stories of myth, how we all relate. You feel alone but know you’re not – there’s Rhea in the backseat, and she’s sleeping soundly, a pillow nestled under her head. You’re not tired, and you’re wondering if just maybe you could make it to the end without resting. It’s impossible, you know it, but could they really imagine it when you tell them, that you actually did it?

       You’re not approaching anything, but your driving doesn’t end. And somewhere there’s a truck stop where other drivers can sleep, but there’s no use. You’re not tired. This energy, how it, even though you’re sitting while driving, elates you and can only be compared to the beauty of Rhea’s silent sleep. In four years, the both of you will remember this as if it were a movie, but something you can never watch again. Once it happens it never comes back.

       Your love is like an erosion. You can see it, but you don’t see how it’s working. In a few years it can either build or diminish, but there’s no use asking questions to answers you don’t understand.

       Rhea readjusts her body, and, in doing so, kicks the back of your seat. You know this feeling. When there’s nothing there, everything can be seen. Transcendence is a metaphor. Symbolism is just simile. When there’s no more anecdotes to share, the two of you mark miles by counting the number of road kill on the side of the road.

       You reach behind yourself and put your hand on Rhea. There’s a warmth here, something you wish would never fade. When she wakes, she asks where the two of you are, and you say it’s sort of hard to tell. You mention all the things you were thinking, and eventually, just as the sun rises over a prairie, she dozes off to sleep, leaving you by yourself, with just you and the space that’s available for anything.


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STREAM: MONEY — The Amazing Sessions (w/ two new tracks)

July 10, 2012


Josh from Crack In The Road said it better than me when he wrote, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, because quite frankly, it bears repeating: MONEY are the UK’s most exciting new band.” When they released their horrifically beautiful video for “SO LONG (GODISDEAD) in April, I wrote that “they’re one of the most anticipated bands anywhere who have yet to release a full-length.” I sent a good friend of mine who’s now working as a consultant in L.A. a live session for “SO LONG” and all he wrote back was “who is this band and why dont we know more?!”

MONEY’s mystique is slowly coming less suspended now that we have two new live tracks recorded yesterday for Amazing Radio. Totaling five songs in all, the session can be streamed on Amazing Sessions here or on Crack In The Road, where there’s plenty of good stuff to listen to afterwards.

MONEY — The Amazing Sessions 

1) Black*

2) Goodnight London

3) Hold Me Forever*

4) Letter to Yesterday


*Previously unreleased

-Aaron Geer
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WATCH: Russ — “Corleone”

July 9, 2012


When I was 19, I wasn’t doing what Atlanta’s Russ is doing right now, and I really don’t think a lot of people were/are/is/will. A member of Atlanta’s collective DIEMON (Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing), Russ not only writes better than most rappers his age, he produces (every track) better, as well. His most recent album, Straight From Limbo, like all recordings from the collective, is free for download on the DIEMON website here.

One of the better tracks from Limbo is “Corleone,” and, with the video below, it’s clear to see that he’s not afraid of showing what’s lurking: an industry that DIEMON’S ready to annihilate.

WATCH: Russ — “Corleone” 


-Aaron Geer
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