PHIEND: Purity Ring — “Fineshrine”

July 19, 2012

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Let’s believe the body is a temple. Let’s think that the heart doesn’t just pump blood. Let’s imagine ourselves, for once, unlike anything else. Let’s put education in the ground. Let’s throw symbolism up in the air and hit it out of the park. Let’s put similarity in the same corner as our demons.

       Purity Ring‘s Megan James writes so poetically about love, you forget she’s singing her words over and over again. All in all, on the stand-out track from their soon-to-be-released LP, Shrines, “Fineshrines” (stream below) is as optimistic as it is depressing . . . but is there really a difference? The duo, Megan, 24, and Corrin, 21, make such lush music I wouldn’t be surprised to hear their loose lullabies (as their record label, 4AD, likes to put it) on dance floors with tweaks simply emanating any genre.

       “Fineshrine” (watch the video here) is the nascent night, and it’s only beginning. As Megan sooths “Get a little closer, let fold / Cut open your sternum and pull / my little ribs around you” there’s a beat that is thick, distant, yet anthemic. And when beauty is painted with a brush of idiosyncratic wit, there’s a metaphor that’s haunting: “That I might see with my chest and sink / Into the edges ’round you / Into the lakes and quarries that brink / On all the edges ’round you, ’round you.” What’s to wallow in a world of beauty? To Purity Ring, they’re living in it, and making music for the heart beat.

STREAM: Purity Ring — “Fineshrine”

Shrines is due out July 24 in Canada via Last Gang / 4AD.

-Aaron Geer

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