VIDEO: Twigs — “Ache” (dir. by Grace Ladoja)

August 14, 2012


The only reason I know where Twigs resides is from their YouTube account, twigstv: United Kingdom. The location doesn’t surprise me, but the mysteriousness does. Their tumblr, even less revealing as their YouTube account, only has the two music videos they’ve uploaded, one, from July 10th, is really sexy – I’m afraid to watch it in public, the second, from August 8th, is called “Ache” and has this eerie, looming aura to it, like a pre-dawn fog floating over a river and you’re on a bridge; you hear footsteps, turn around, and find yourself alone, you look into the water and bubbles are approaching the surface (!). 

Yeah, “Ache” sort of feels like that, but, like it’s video predecessor, “Hide,” the track is blossomed with lust, tensioned with lovable minimalism and a gloomy drag-hiphop beat that feels like A$AP Rocky should swirl himself in it.

The video, directed by Grace Ladoja, might even add more allure and mystery for “Ache.” The minimally crafted, one sequence shot features a small cast of characters with a slew of eccentricities: a man wearing a piece of headgear that looks like it could withstand a full-blown riot, a light the man seems to be transfixed under (left), and a fog that eventually takes over and makes the man dance crazily (above). 

A slow-churning piece of work, be sure to keep a heads up on whatever and whoever Twigs is. I know I’ll be waiting. 

WATCH: Twigs — “Ache” (dir. by Grace Ladoja)

-Aaron Geer

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