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Phiendly’s Made in Michigan Album of the Year: Lasso — LASSO’D

December 25, 2011

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With the diversity of musicians, unique samples, the seamlessly endless amount of influences, and the vigor that feels timeless, Lasso‘s debut LP, Lasso’d,  off of the Kalamazoo studio/label/collective Double Phelix, is the inaugural Made In Michigan Album of the Year. Take a drink in your hand, sit back, and relax as the holiday festivities are hurling, and download the multi-faceted album on Lasso’s bandcamp, or order a casette or a cd.

Opening up scerenly, Lasso’d hints to the listener an experience of the outwordly, an atmosphere where the innocent bystander finally stands up against the hooligans in a saloon. And that’s what is so keenly important for this album: the overachieving atmosphere presented.

On “Obsessive Mutations” the production quality resonates. With a swindling acoustic guitar loop that tastes like a long night drinking too much tequilla, and with the psychadelic, evocative tendencies similar to the likes of Spiritualized, or Primal Scream, the whole aura of Lasso’d feels out of its time but before it as well.

With the tribalistic “Better than Oasis”, one of the finer, succinct tracks of the LP, the production quality is at its apex. With vocals reverbed, piano licks that flutter, heartbeat tom fills, and then that tremoloed guitar lick that floats freely, it’s like we’ve reached that watering hole in our godforsaken uninhabitated solitary with our parched, dry mouths slyly sipping the beverage of choice.

And there’s nothing wrong acting gluttenous with Lasso’d. With each listen, there’s something else to fall in love to. Take the thematic “Creep St.” for example. On this instrumental ballad, a twanged-out piano booms, flutters, pounces, and destroys the landscape so elegantly presented throughout the whole album.

It’s a class act, truly.

STREAM: Lasso — Lasso’d


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