Pinemarten — Coming Around Again & “Don’t Let Me Be Denied”

November 3, 2011

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Pinemarten's debut LP If You Thought There Was Any Doubt is set to be released Nov. 28

About a month ago, Derbyshire, England’s Pinemarten released a three song EP, Coming Around Again, and like the standout instrumental Carly Simon title-track-cover, with looming synths drenched in heartbreak beats, the whole piece fit perfectly for a short bus ride to campus. Clocking less than fifteen minutes, Coming Around Again has the tumultuous effect to create atmosphere. You forget you’re listening to music at all. When all of a sudden the sound escapes, and the closing track “Why (does your love)” gleams in, riding in on a wave of sound you’d picture inside a video game’s brain. Take a listen below:

Pinemarten — Coming Around Again

His newest album, If You Thought There Was Any Doubt is slated to be released November 28th on his bandcamp. Check out “Don’t Let Me Be Denied,” where Pinemarten adds his own vocals to the thickness, and definitely shows some strange affectionate lyrics (I mean, just read that title to yourself again).

Download: Pinemarten — “Don’t Let Me Be Denied”

Listen to other recordings from Pinemarten on the guy’s soundcloud.


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